Sunday, March 14, 2010

Three In A Row: ABC Toy Blocks

Classic antique wooden childrens abc blocks
6” x 8” acrylic on gessoed board unframed $175 with free shipping in US and Canada
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There is an old saying that “everything comes in threes”. It can be called a self-fulfilling prophecy, because we often look for this pattern. We see threes in the color wheel primary colors, the trinity, the fleur de lis, and the rule of three in English writing such as three musketeers, three little pigs, Goldilocks and the three bears, and The Three Blind Mice.
So it was only natural that I chose these three blocks in a row as abc to paint. This painting however took me back to my basic design class study where I was required to draw and then paint a cube and pay attention to the way the light reflected off the different surfaces of the cube. It’s an old principle that is still an interesting one to study.

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Todd Bonita said...

Nice piece Paul...I bought a bunch of these old blocks on ebay with the intent to paint them and simply havn't got around to it yet...They are wonderful and so nostalgic. You did a great job with these.
All the best,