Thursday, January 14, 2016

Emerald Rhythms:Koi Pond on Maui - classical realism, vibrant color

                                           Emerald Rhythms: Koi Pond on Maui Island
                                                  (Click painting to see larger view) 
6 in. x 8 in. (15.2 cim x 20.3 cm) original acrylic on hand primed board unframed $185 w/free shipping in US and Canada.
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Paul Wolber has been chosen as artist of the week at National Pond Service

Koi fish ponds seem to have originated in China, then later became famous in Japan. Now we see them as part of the design of elegant hotels around the world to give realism and vibrant color to the architecture. Koi are popular as an element of tattoo, today as well because of the symbolism and magical quality associated with these beautiful fish.

This is another painting originating from our summer excursion to Maui.

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