Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Incredible Travels in China July 2013: Two Buddhist Novices

Young Buddhist Novices Before a Tibetan Temple  (click photo to see more detail)
  10" x 8" (25.4 cm x 20.3 cm) original acrylic painting on hand primed board $400 w/free shipping in US and Canada
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One reason there have been so few postings on this blog recently is because of our summer travel in China during July. We’ve had some incredible experiences so I’ll try to relate some of those in paintings. This painting shows two young Buddhist novices before a Tibetan temple we visited in Northwestern Sichuan. I chose this subject because of the attractive young children, but sometimes a painting has a way of transforming into a larger story.

Here the story became one of looking to the future as represented by the two young novices with the historic architecture and older monks in the background, looking out at what is evolving or developing in the years to come. We can all wonder about the future, yet in this complex culture one can only speculate or dream, but never really know what will develop.

So that you can get a better idea of our travels, I’ve written a six-page paper in Word format about these travel experiences that I’ll be happy to email to anyone who requests it. To receive the paper please go to my Daily Painters gallery and click on any painting, then send an email requesting the paper titled “Incredible Travels in China – July 2013”.

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Cardinal Couple

Cardinal Couple  (click photo to see more detail)
 8" x 10" (20.3 cm x 25.4 cm) original acrylic painting on hand primed board $325 w/free shipping in US and Canada
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The cardinals are singing early in the morning this time of year. I hear them in the willow tree next door and in the evergreen tree beside my deck. This pair keeps showing up in the driveway every morning, inviting me to paint them so everyone can see.

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