Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Old Crib Door: Wood Barn Textures

                                 The Old Crib Door
8" x 6" (20.3 cm X 15.2 cm) acrylic on gesso primed board unframed with free shipping in USA and Canada
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This reminded me of the old days back on the farm where the corn for livestock and chickens was stored in a “corn crib” at the end of the barn. As I remember the crib was separated from the barn by a drive thru and had a slanted roof going down from the east end of the barn. The wall and door boards were spaced apart to allow air to flow through the crib to help dry the corn still on the cob. Now farmers have expensive metal silos with equipment to circulate and dry corn that is already shelled before it goes into the silo. So many things have changed since those days so this painting brings back the smell of corn,  hay, and wood in the barn that will always be a part of my experience.

Making the textures seem real helps to bring back those memories, but I once had a collector who thought that I’d sold him a reproduction rather than an original, apparently because he didn’t think that fine detail could be painted so small. Of course the quick way to tell if something is a reproduction is to use a magnifying glass called a “Loupe” used by graphic artists and jewelers. If you can see a dot pattern or pixels then it is a reproduction. On an original painting you will only see the detail of brush strokes the artist put there.

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