Thursday, January 17, 2019

Overland Car Assemblage from 1917 by Paul Wolber

9.75 in x 9.125 in x .75 in
3D carved and painted composition $315.00 USD with free shipping in US.
For outside US please contact me for shipping

 This assemblage is a 3D relief carved image that is more sculptural than most of my artwork. The image is taken from a 1917 photo of my father in an Overland car. The license plate indicates this was an Illinois 1917 plate, however the Overland could be 1917 or possibly earlier model. In the assemblage I’ve included a larger scale image of the license plate and also a larger image of the Overland logo from the car radiator. The image is made to hang on the wall with a hanging notch carved in back.

The Overland was the highest selling car during this period, second only to Ford. Overland was ultimately unsuccessful as an automaker, partly because it attempted to make too many models and luxury features compared to Ford and other automakers that made more basic models that were more affordable.

If you have a classic model car such as this that you would like a carved relief created, please contact me about a possible commission.

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