Thursday, September 13, 2007

Cup and Egg in Wall Niche

7 in x 5 in(17.8cm x12.7cm) acrylic on gessoed Masonite®
$125 unframed with free shipping in USA
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The cup and egg were not just chosen at random but selected because I wanted to attempt a composition based on a classical motif of curved and straight forms. The idea of curved or rounded forms contrasted against geometric or linear forms goes back to classical design as in Greek motifs of Egg and Dart patterns on architecture. Brunelleschi, the designer and builder of the Dome in the Cathedral of Florence also used the circle and square in his design for many architectural structures including the Hospital of the Innocents in Florence, Italy. It’s a classical concept that I chose to use for this small painting.
® Copyright by Paul Wolber

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